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Gold recovery from refractory gold concentrates by

Gold Recovery From Refractory Gold Concentrates By

Pressure oxidation technology for the treatment of refractory gold concentrates has been deployed in some countries. Shuiyindong gold deposit is one of the Carlin-type deposits which is a typical difficult-to-treat gold deposit, located in Guizhou province in western China. It was the first application of acid pressure oxidation in China.


Pressure Oxidation Of Pyritearsenopyrite

Pressure oxidation of pyrite-arsenopyrite refractory gold concentrate 105 350 kPa, 15%) or increased very slowly (test 3, 165C, 1050 kPa, 5%). At higher tem-perature and oxygen pressure the oxygen consumption was more rapid and reached a steady level in 5560 minutes (test 9 I, 195C, 700 kPa, 10%). At highest temperature


Pressure Oxidation Of Refractory Gold Ores

Pressure Oxidation Process Outotec. Outotec can provide a complete pressure oxidation plant including all auxiliary processes for refractory gold sulfide oxidation Gold is efficiently released from the sulfide matrix for the subsequent leaching process whether cyanidation or chloride leaching The Outotec pressure oxidation main process steps Carbonate and chloride removal

Pressure oxidation of pyritearsenopyrite refractory gold

Pressure Oxidation Of Pyritearsenopyrite Refractory Gold

Pressure oxidation (POX) is typically operated at 170 C-225 C (La Brooy et al., 1994) to oxidize sulfidic raw materials for gold liberation.

Complete process and equipment solutions for refractory

Complete Process And Equipment Solutions For Refractory

Sep 17, 2021 The pressure oxidation process. A typical pressure oxidization (POX) circuit for refractory ores consists of the following main process steps comminution and flotation followed by carbonate removal, chloride removal, pressure oxidation, vent-gas scrubbing, conditioning, solid-liquid separation, and neutralization.

Pressure oxidation overview ScienceDirect

Pressure Oxidation Overview Sciencedirect

Jan 01, 2005 The utilization of a pressure-oxidation circuit to treat refractory gold ores or concentrates is a complex decision, taking into consideration capital costs, operating costs, gold recovery, and environmental impacts. The payback and internal rate of return (IRR) has to be evaluated in the decision for selecting the process.

The Leachox Refractory Gold Process The Testing

The Leachox Refractory Gold Process The Testing

Oxidation . ABSTRACT . The Leachox refractory gold process has to date been applied to the selectivetreatment of several refractory gold ores but on a relatively small scale. In this paper the successful implementation of the process, from initial testing through to commissioning at one of the worlds largest refractory gold mines is described.

Basic Iron Sulphate in Pressure Oxidation Processing

Basic Iron Sulphate In Pressure Oxidation Processing

Pressure oxidation technology was . developed more than 50 years ago for the treatment of base metal concentrates (mainly sphalerite), and was adapted in the 1980s for the treatment of gold-containing pyrite and arsenopyrite ores and concentrates. The conditions that have evolved for oxidation of refractory gold concentrates

Amursk Pressure Oxidation POX Hub Expansion Project

Amursk Pressure Oxidation Pox Hub Expansion Project

Challenges. Polymetal International Inc. is undertaking the Amursk POX Hub Expansion to recover gold from double-refractory (high carbon) sulphide concentrate from five of their mines in Siberia, Eastern Russia, and East Kazakhstan. The project will double Polymetals concentrate treatment capacity to 250,000-300,000 t/a of refractory gold concentrate.

Recovery Refractory Resources SGS

Recovery Refractory Resources Sgs

are driven by the gold recovery rate. The pre-treatment of refractory gold ore should increase the gold recovery rate in the cyanide leach process by 30-40% in order to be economical Large operations tend to choose roasting or pressure oxidation, while smaller operations tend to select bacterial leaching, says Dr Fleming. Other

Acid leaching decarbonization and following pressure

Acid Leaching Decarbonization And Following Pressure

Jul 16, 2016 Carbonate decomposition of carbonic refractory gold ore and the following pressure oxidation were studied. In the carbonate decomposition procedure, the effects of liquid-to-solid ratio and reaction time on decomposition ratio of carbonate were investigated. The experimental result shows that the decomposition ratio of carbonate is 98.24% under the conditions of liquid-to-solid ratio of 51 ...

ALTA Gold 2012 EDoc Home Albion Process

Alta Gold 2012 Edoc Home Albion Process

Refractory gold ores are those that do not yield high gold recoveries in conventional cyanide-leaching circuits, even when the ore is finely ground. ... Much has been written about the suitability of particular pretreatment processes, such as pressure oxidation, bio oxidation and roasting, for specific ores bodies (1-4). More recent ...

Integration of nanofiltration and reverse osmosis for

Integration Of Nanofiltration And Reverse Osmosis For

Nov 05, 2015 The pressure-oxidation process is a frequently used pre-oxidation step for refractory gold ores , . Like other gold ore processing steps, the pressure-oxidation process generates large volume of liquid effluents with substantial metal concentrations and high acidity.

Home Home Albion Process

Home Home Albion Process

May 30, 2018 Albion Process has real-world success in delivering consistently high recoveries up to 97% in refractory gold and over 99% in chalcopyrite copper concentrates. It has much lower capital cost than traditional leaching plants like pressure oxidation (POx) plants and because it operates at atmospheric pressure, it completely avoids the ...

Pressure Oxidation Pretreatment of Refractory Gold

Pressure Oxidation Pretreatment Of Refractory Gold

Feb 01, 1984 Pressure oxidation of gold containing concentrates and ores is an effective pretreatment for liberating refractory gold. This is particularly true when an appreciable portion of the gold is associated with sulfides and is not amenable to conventional cyanidation. A brief review of the literature on pressure oxidation of refractory gold materials is presented.

PDF Pressure oxidation of double refractory gold

Pdf Pressure Oxidation Of Double Refractory Gold

Nevertheless, the pressure oxidation of double refractory materials containing carbonaceous matter in addition to sulfides results in substantial gold losses due to autoclave preg-robbing.

Gold recovery from refractory gold concentrates by

Gold Recovery From Refractory Gold Concentrates By

The chemical reaction is shown in equation (2) (Chan et al., 2015). 4 215 222 22( 4)322 4. (2) Some researchs found that the cyanide leaching value of gold increased sharply when the flotation concentrate was treated by pressure oxidation in acid (Dong et al., 2015 Luo et al., 2015).

Pressure Oxidation of a Refractory Sulfide

Pressure Oxidation Of A Refractory Sulfide

Aug 11, 2018 Pressure oxidation of the refractory sulfide/carbonaceous ores has gained world-wide acceptance. Compared with roasting, pressure oxidation yields higher gold extractions from ores or concentrates and enables better handling of environmentally sensitive impurities. Normally, gold is extracted from neutralized autoclave leach residue by cyanidation.

Refractory Gold Ore Treatment Methods

Refractory Gold Ore Treatment Methods

Jul 14, 2016 The oxidation may also open up the fissure planes, setting free the associated gold. This oxidation may be secured by weathering the ore pulp, but in some cases, the agitation of the wet pulp with small amounts of lime and sodium peroxide, together with injected air prior to the addition of cyanide, may be effective.

Refractory Gold Technology

Refractory Gold Technology

Sherritts Refractory Gold Technology is used to recover gold from refractory sulphide feedstocks. Many gold ores and concentrates contain fine grained gold locked within sulphide minerals, such as pyrite and/or arsenopyrite, unavailable for recovery by conventional leaching. In Sherritts gold process, the sulphide and arsenide minerals are completely oxidized by pressure oxidation, thereby

Pressure Oxidation Process Metso Outotec

Pressure Oxidation Process Metso Outotec

Outotec can provide a complete pressure oxidation plant including all auxiliary processes for refractory gold sulfide oxidation. Gold is efficiently released from the sulfide matrix for the subsequent leaching process, whether cyanidation or chloride leaching. The Outotec pressure oxidation main process steps Carbonate and chloride removal Pressure oxidation Gas scrubbing Conditioning (hot curing)

Refractory Gold Pressure Oxidation Technology at

Refractory Gold Pressure Oxidation Technology At

of ore at the Lihir gold mine in Papua New Guinea (commissioned in 1997). In addition, Sherritt had conducted process development studies for Homestakes McLaughlin Mine operation in California, which had come on stream in 1985, for the treatment of refactory gold ore. Refractory Gold Pressure Oxidation . Technology at Campbell Mine ...

pressure oxidation refractory gold Hitlers Hollywood

Pressure Oxidation Refractory Gold Hitlers Hollywood

pressure oxidation refractory gold. Pressure Oxidation Pressure oxidation is employed to liberate gold and silver in refractory sulfide concentrates often and ores The main pressure oxidation products from iron sulfide minerals are sulfuric acid and metal sulfates and hematite Depending on the conditions within the autoclave acid containing iron compounds can be formed

refractory gold Archives International Mining

Refractory Gold Archives International Mining

Pressure oxidation was selected as the most feasible processing technology for double refractory ores. It is able to achieve gold recoveries of 96% by utilising high temperatures, elevated pressure and oxygen to recover encapsulated gold, while conventional cyanidation methods would result in sub-optimal recovery rates of 20-40%.

POX Hub Petropavlovsk PLC

Pox Hub Petropavlovsk Plc

Pressure oxidation technology is the most efficient and environmentally-friendly technology for processing refractory gold ore and enables the Group to unlock the value embedded within c.5.31Moz of its own refractory reserves (including double-refractory ore), as well as treat 3 rd party refractory material and future potential to exploit high ...

Process for the recovery of gold from refractory ores by

Process For The Recovery Of Gold From Refractory Ores By

The field of the present invention relates generally to a process for recovering gold or other precious metals from refractory ores by pressure oxidation followed by carbon-in-leach treatment. Gold and other precious metals naturally occur in ores in several different forms and complexes.

High Pressure Acid Leach Pressure Oxidation

High Pressure Acid Leach Pressure Oxidation

Uranium Nickel Gold Copper Cobalt Rare earths Zinc High Pressure Acid Leach (HPAL) and Pressure Oxidation (POX) testing services provide a unique opportunity to evaluate and optimise the most economically viable process routes for the recovery of most metals such as nickel from lateritic ores and gold from refractory ores.

ALTA MetBytes Whats Happening in Gold Ore

Alta Metbytes Whats Happening In Gold Ore

CSIRO, Australia, has developed a thiosulfate-based reagent system for gold leaching that has excellent stability and shown broad applicability in the laboratory compared to the thiosulfate system commercially implemented by Barrick to treat double refractory gold ore following pressure oxidation at its Goldstrike Mine in Nevada, USA.

An Integrated Biotechnological Approach to Gold Processing

An Integrated Biotechnological Approach To Gold Processing

Jul 05, 2020 An Integrated Biotechnological Approach to Gold Processingnbsp This paper reviews the state of the art in processing and extraction of gold. The ore bodies which were considered

A Comparison of Refractory Lined Carbon Steel and

A Comparison Of Refractory Lined Carbon Steel And

Refractory gold sulphide ore treatment Acid Pressure Leaching 180 1730 Alkaline Carbonate Leach 120 350 Oxidative leaching of uranium, rare earth ores Freeport McMoRan Process 160 2000 CESL Process Chloride assisted partial oxidation 130 155 1100 - 1275 Oxidative leaching of chalcopyrite Cu matte Activox Process Low Temp ...

Gold recovery from refractory carbonaceous ores by

Gold Recovery From Refractory Carbonaceous Ores By

Process for the recovery of gold from refractory ores by pressure oxidation 1985-11-12 Mason et al. 75/105 4384889 Simultaneous leaching and cementation of precious metals 1983-05-24 Wiewiorowski et al. 75/736 4369061 Recovery of precious metals from difficult ores 1983-01-18 Kerley, Jr. 75/103 4269622 Recovery of precious metals ...

Economic evaluation of biooxidation of gold ores

Economic Evaluation Of Biooxidation Of Gold Ores

The cost of Sand Farming is less than 40% of that of pressure oxidation with comparable gold recovery from the downstream process. This paper will review the laboratory scale testwork for various biooxidation process of sulfidic refractory gold ores and concentrates and provide the economic evaluation showing the biooxidation could be the most ...

Alkaline Pressure Oxidation Barrick Mercur Experience

Alkaline Pressure Oxidation Barrick Mercur Experience

The Equity Silver antimony and arsenic precipitation autoclaves, and the low pressure autoclaves at Key Lake Uranium in Northern Saskatchewan were also engineered by Wright in recent years.In August 1986, Wright was retained by Barrick Resources (U.S.A.) Inc. to add a 750 tpd pressure oxidation circuit to the existing mill at their Mercur Gold ...

Antimony Mobilisation and Attenuation During Ore

Antimony Mobilisation And Attenuation During Ore

Nov 21, 2021 Fleming C, Metallurgy (2010) Basic iron sulfatea potential killer in the processing of refractory gold concentrates by pressure oxidation. Miner Metall Proc 278188. Google Scholar Guo X, Wu Z, He M, Meng X, Jin M, Qiu N, Zhang J (2014) Adsorption of antimony onto iron oxyhydroxides adsorption behaviour and surface structure.

Oxidation of a refractory gold concentrate using pressure

Oxidation Of A Refractory Gold Concentrate Using Pressure

*This is an abstract only. No full paper was prepared for this abstract. CITATIONCasingena, C, Czerny, C, Paterson, L and Carter, P, 2019. Oxidation of a refractory gold concentrate using pressure, atmospheric and bacterial oxidation processes, in Proceedings World Gold 2019, p 681 (The Australasian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy Melbourne).