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Strontium isotope systematics of hydrothermal minerals

Strontium Isotope Systematics Of Hydrothermal Minerals

On the other hand, the initial 87 Sr/ 86 Sr ratios of granodiorite and granite plutons in the batholiths, which underlie and border the greenstone belts, vary from 0.7023 to 0.7044. The strontium isotope data indicate that the deep-seated gold skarns formed predominantly from fluids which evolved from or interacted with anatectic magmas in the ...

USGS Isotope Tracers Resources

Usgs Isotope Tracers Resources

Periodic Table--Strontium. The alkali earth metal strontium has four stable, naturally occurring isotopes 84 Sr (0.56%), 86 Sr (9.86%), 81 Sr (7.0%) and 88 Sr (82.58%). Only 87 Sr is radiogenic it is produced by decay from the radioactive alkali metal 87 Rb, which has a half-life of 48,800,000 years. Thus, there are two sources of 87 Sr in any material that formed during primordial nucleo ...

Lead and strontium isotopes as palaeodietary

Lead And Strontium Isotopes As Palaeodietary

isotope compositions in plants collected from the major geological substrates of southwestern South Africa (shales, sandstones, granites and recent marine-derived sands), ranging in age from pre-Cambrian to Quaternary (Figure 1). We were thus able to characterise isotope ratios of bioavailable Sr and Pb for each substrate. Our work expands on

Nd and Sr isotope study of hydrothermally altered granite

Nd And Sr Isotope Study Of Hydrothermally Altered Granite

The mineralizing porphyry stock has a lower 87 Sr/ 86 Sr ratios (0.708) and a higher epsilon Nd (-6) than the Precambrian granite wall rock (0.782, -11). The 87 Sr/ 86 Sr ratios of the altered wall rock decrease regularly from 0.782 to 0.715 from the propylitic alteration zone to the stock contact, indicating that material flow was primarily ...


Geographical Patterns In Biologically Available Strontium

Sep 08, 2005 As described below, the geology of southern Germany is excellent for Sr isotope analysis of skeletons because the upland areas, underlain by granites (old rocks with high Rb/Sr), exhibit substantially higher 87 Sr/ 86 Sr values than the sedimentary lowlands in which carbonates having low Rb/Sr ratios are predominant.



The alkali earth metal Strontium (Sr) has four stable, naturally occurring isotopes 84 Sr (0.56%), 86 Sr (9.86%), 87 Sr (7.0%) and 88 Sr (82.58%). Only 87 Sr is radiogenic it is produced by decay from the radioactive alkali metal 87 Rb, which has a half-life of 4.88 10 10 years. Thus, there are two sources of 87 Sr in any material that formed during primordial nucleo-synthesis along with ...

Himalayan Tectonics Weathering Processes and the

Himalayan Tectonics Weathering Processes And The

krishnaswami, s, strontium isotopes and rubidium in the ganga brahmaputra river system - weathering in the himalaya, fluxes to the bay of bengal and contributions to the evolution of oceanic sr-87/sr-86, ... lefort, p, granites in the tectonic evolution of the himalaya, ...

Atype granites

Atype Granites

Based on Nd and Sr isotopes, the Keivy type has a highly evolved enriched mantle source (EM2). It is likely that the Keivy granites are the product of a high degree of fractional crystallization of mantle-plume-derived alkaline basalt magma.

SIAM Classification SType Granites

Siam Classification Stype Granites

Initial Sr ratios 0.710 I-Type Granites Subduction zone continental margin High Ca and Na Contain hornblende and sphene Hornblende-rich inclusions Melting of deep crustal igneous rocks Source region poor in Rb Initial Sr isotope ratios 0.708 A-Type Granitoids Anorogenic origin Hgh in SOii 2, up to 77%

Weathering processes catchment geology and river

Weathering Processes Catchment Geology And River

May 15, 2018 Radiogenic (87 Sr/ 86 Sr) and stable ( 88/86 Sr) strontium isotope compositions spanning a calendar year are reported for rivers from across subarctic Canada that drain contrasting lithologies ranging from Precambrian bedrock (Koksoak, Great Whale and La Grande rivers of Northern Quebec) to carbonate and clastic Phanerozoic sedimentary rocks of the Western Interior Platform

Cryptic Sr and Nd isotopic variation across the Leinster

Cryptic Sr And Nd Isotopic Variation Across The Leinster

May 01, 2009 Cryptic Sr and Nd isotopic variation across the Leinster Granite, southeast Ireland - Volume 128 Issue 3

Strontium isotopes can map monarch butterfly migrations

Strontium Isotopes Can Map Monarch Butterfly Migrations

Sep 28, 2021 Strontium (Sr) is an alkaline earth metal with four stable isotopes 84Sr, 86Sr, 87Sr and 88Sr. Strontium isotopes ratios (the ratio of 87Sr to 86Sr) are a new addition to the ecologists ...

Geochemical characteristics and SrNdHf isotope

Geochemical Characteristics And Srndhf Isotope

Geochemical characteristics and SrNdHf isotope compositions of Late Triassic postcollisional Atype granites in Sarudik, SW Sumatra, Indonesia May 2020 Island Arc 29(1)

Highly evolved juvenile granites with tetrad REE patterns

Highly Evolved Juvenile Granites With Tetrad Ree Patterns

The emplacement ages are constrained at 1304 Ma for the Woduhe and 1225 Ma for the Baerzhe granites by RbSr and SmNd isotope analyses. Both granites are also characterized by low but imprecise initial 87Sr/86Sr ratios of about 0.703. The NdSr isotope data argue for their generation by melting of dominantly juvenile mantle component ...

USGS Isotope Tracers Resources

Usgs Isotope Tracers Resources

The utility of the rubidium-strontium isotope system results from the fact that different minerals in a given geologic setting can have distinctly different 87 Sr/ 86 Sr as a consequence of different ages, original Rb/Sr values and the initial 87 Sr/ 86 Sr. For example, consider the case of a simple igneous rock such as a granite that contains several major Sr-bearing minerals including plagioclase feldspar, K

Sr isotope evolution during chemical weathering of

Sr Isotope Evolution During Chemical Weathering Of

The Sr isotopic systematics in the weathering profiles of biotite granite and granite porphyry in southern Jiangxi Province were investigated. The results showed that during the chemical weathering of granites, remarked fractionation occurred between Rb and Sr. During the early stages of chemical weathering of granites, the released Sr/Si and Sr/Ca ratios are larger than those of the parent rocks, and the

Strontium isotopes as tracers of waterrocks

Strontium Isotopes As Tracers Of Waterrocks

Strontium isotopes (Sr/Sr) were used to improve the knowledge on groundwater mineralization and mixing processes, and are relevant to confirm and quantify the granitic contribution to ...

Oxygen hydrogen and strontium isotope

Oxygen Hydrogen And Strontium Isotope

Nov 03, 2011 Oxygen isotope data are very useful in determining the source rocks of granitic magmas, particularly when used in combination with Sr, Pb, and Nd isotope studies. For example, unusually high 18 O values in magmas ( 18 O 8) require the involvement of some precursor parent material that at some time in the past resided on or near the Earths surface, either as sedimentary rocks or as ...

Geochemical studies of SrNdPbHf isotopes on the

Geochemical Studies Of Srndpbhf Isotopes On The

Oct 17, 2021 High Sr/Y granites and ordinary granites have similar SiO 2 variation ranges, but high Sr/Y granites have coupled high (La/Yb) N, (Dy/Yb) N, Sr/Y and Nb/Ta ratios, while ordinary granites have low ratios of these. Combined with isotopic results, these differences indicate that the early Cretaceous high Sr/Y granites in the Dabie Mountains were derived from partial melting of

Strontium an overview ScienceDirect Topics

Strontium An Overview Sciencedirect Topics

Strontium is a naturally occurring element found in rocks, soil, dust, coal, and oil. Naturally occurring strontium is not radioactive and is referred to as stable strontium. Stable strontium in the environment exists in four stable isotopes, 84 Sr (read as strontium 84), 86 Sr, 87 Sr, and 88 Sr. Twelve other unstable isotopes are known to exist.

Chemical and strontium oxygen and carbon

Chemical And Strontium Oxygen And Carbon

be better assessed if the contributions to the strontium isotope mass balance in these rivers from various source rocks (sili-cates, carbonates, and evaporites) and their temporal variations can be constrained. The high 87Sr/86Sr in the G-B system has been ascribed to

Genesis and timing of Mo mineralization in the

Genesis And Timing Of Mo Mineralization In The

Oct 26, 2020 Granites associated with Mo mineralization at Mada show elevated whole-rock concentrations of SiO 2, Nb, Zr, Y, and REEs (except Eu) and high 87 Rb/ 86 Sr ratios, but low concentrations of Sr, Ba, CaO, MgO, and TiO 2, typical of highly differentiated A-type granites. They yielded negative whole-rock Nd(t) ( 5.87 to 5.47) and zircon Hf(t) ( 4.97 to 10.06), indicating

Strontium isotopes reveal distant sources of

Strontium Isotopes Reveal Distant Sources Of

Strontium, an alkali earth metal, is present in all rocks. The 87Sry86Sr ratio of bedrock is a function of the initial 87Rby86Sr ratio and the age of the rock. Strontium-87 is derived from the radioactive decay of Rubidi-um-87 (t1/2 548.8 Ga). Rocks that are older or have higher initial concentrations of 87Rb, such as granites, have higher ...

The determination of strontium isotope ratios by means of

The Determination Of Strontium Isotope Ratios By Means Of

Quadrupole-based ICP-mass spectrometry (ICP-QMS) was used for the determination of 87 Sr/ 86 Sr isotope ratios in digests of rock samples originating from two magmatic silicate rock formations of the Vosges (the Kagenfels granite and the Nideck rhyolite). The rock formations studied are geographically close to one another and, overall, they show a similar chemical composition.

Strontium isotopes reveal distant sources of architectural

Strontium Isotopes Reveal Distant Sources Of Architectural

Oct 09, 2001 The geochemistry of strontium isotopes is relatively well known , and 87 Sr/ 86 Sr ratios have been used routinely as environmental tracers in geology (13, 14), hydrology , ecology (16, 17), and archaeology . 87 Sr/ 86 Sr ratios should provide a model system for provenance studies of trees growing on diverse, but unknown, substrates. Strontium ...

Strontium and oxygen isotope evidence for the origin

Strontium And Oxygen Isotope Evidence For The Origin

strontium isotope signatures from the animals teeth range between values that are consistent with local chalkland grazing to radiogenic values typical of granites and older rock types. The oxygen isotope data, coupled with the strontium results, provide

A geochemical and Pb Sr isotopic study of the evolution

A Geochemical And Pb Sr Isotopic Study Of The Evolution

May 01, 1990 miscetde_6259637, title A geochemical and Pb, Sr isotopic study of the evolution of granite-gneisses from the Bastar craton, Central India author Sarkar, G, Paul, D K, Misra, V P, de Laeter, J R, and Mc Naughton, N J abstractNote Preliminary Pb-Pb and Rb-Sr geochronology of granitic and gneissic rocks from the Sukma area of the Bastar craton, Central India, provides important ...

Strontium isotopes in tap water from the coterminous USA

Strontium Isotopes In Tap Water From The Coterminous Usa

Jul 26, 2012 There are four natural isotopes of Sr, 3 non-radiogenic (84 Sr, 86 Sr, and 88 Sr) and 1 radiogenic, the product of radioactive decay. The radiogenic isotope, 87 Sr, is formed through the -decay of 87 Rb, which has a half-life of 48.8 10 9 years. By convention, measured Sr isotope ratios are reported as 87 Sr/ 86 Sr and calculated as

Strontium isotopes in tap water from the coterminous

Strontium Isotopes In Tap Water From The Coterminous

SPECIAL FEATURE ISOSCAPES Strontium isotopes in tap water from the coterminous USA LESLEY A. CHESSON, 1,2, BRETT J. TIPPLE,1,2 GLEN N. MACKEY,3 SCOTT A. HYNEK,1,3 DIEGO P. F ERNANDEZ, 3 AND JAMES R. EHLERINGER 1,2 1IsoForensics, Inc., 421 Wakara Way, Suite 100, Salt Lake City, Utah 84108 USA 2Department of Biology, University of Utah, 257 South 1400 East, Salt

Tectonic signicance of Late Neoproterozoic granites

Tectonic Signicance Of Late Neoproterozoic Granites

Tectonic signicance of Late Neoproterozoic granites from the Tibesti massif in southern Libya inferred from Sr and Nd isotopes and UPb zircon data Ismail B. Suayah 1, Jonathan S. Miller 2, Brent V. Miller 3, Tovah M. Bayer 4, John J.W. Rogers *,1

Flows of people in villages and large centres in Bronze

Flows Of People In Villages And Large Centres In Bronze

Jan 09, 2019 Strontium isotopes on cremations. The 87 Sr/ 86 Sr values measured on the petrous bone and M2 tooth enamel of the same individual from Casinalbo show a difference of 0.00005, thus providing additional confirmation of the reliability of strontium isotope analysis on cremated petrous portion and encouraging further applications 43,122. A ...

Strontium isotopes as tracers of waterrocks interactions

Strontium Isotopes As Tracers Of Waterrocks Interactions

Aug 24, 2016 A multi-tracer approach combining physico-chemical parameters, major ions, selected trace elements, stable isotopes of the water molecule and 87 Sr/ 86 Sr ratios measurements is undertaken for 20 groundwater samples during the low water period in November 2014. 5 rock samples of the sedimentary deposits and surrounding granites are also ...

Using strontium isotopes to determine philopatry and

Using Strontium Isotopes To Determine Philopatry And

Feb 10, 2021 Strontium isotope ratios (87 Sr/ 86 Sr) allow researchers to track changes in mobility throughout an animals life and could theoretically be used to reconstruct sex-biases in philopatry and dispersal patterns in primates.Dispersal patterns are a life-history variable that correlate with numerous aspects of behaviour and socio-ecology that are elusive in the fossil record.

Occurrence and Distribution of Strontium in Natural Water

Occurrence And Distribution Of Strontium In Natural Water

Two strontium isotopes resulting from nuclear fission, strontium-89 and strontium-90, are among the most hazardous substances present in atomic fall-out or atomic-waste materials. They create a serious hazard to human and animal life when present in water or foods. A knowledge of the concentration levels of strontium in natural ...

Petrogenesis of Himalayan Leucogranites Perspective From

Petrogenesis Of Himalayan Leucogranites Perspective From

Jul 26, 2021 In this study, we address this issue through a geochemical approach that combines isotopic data from iron, strontium, and neodymium. Whereas Sr and Nd give information on the source of the magmas, the isotopes of Fe will remain largely unfractionated if the granites result simply from melting the crust but fractionate significantly during FC.